Notes on haircoloring

Everyone has different undertones in their hair, if you have black, dark brown or medium brown hair, your undertone is red.  If you have light brown, dark blonde or medium blonde, your undertone is orange.  For Light blonde to pale blonde hair, your undertone is yellow.

If we color your hair lighter, your natural undertone is going to show through the color we achieve.  As stylists, we are limited to what we can do for you based on your natural hair color and undertones.

What your Stylist can do:

  1. We can bleach or lighten your hair to the palest color we can achieve (sometimes this may not be as light as you desire).  Adding Olaplex to your service can greatly increase the chance of getting your hair lighter, without the expected damage to your hair.
  2. We can tone your hair with green to cancel the red, blue to cancel orange and violet to cancel yellow (Sometimes this make the hair muddy looking or a little tinged to a blue, green or a violet color.  Toner only lasts for 4-6 week, afterwards you drift back to your normal undertones, so continued toner treatments are require to maintain the color.
  3. We can balance your hair with a PH treatment (when PH levels are off, so will be your color)
  4. We can seal in your color with a treatment (this helps with fade-out, keep your color longer lasting and vibrant)

What you can do:

  1. Throw out your cheap products.  Cheap hair care products contain harsh chemicals that eat away the the molecules in your color.  Don’t spend money on a good color treatment, just to throw it away with cheap daily products.
  2. Reduce sun exposure – Sun and the UV rays naturally lighten your hair and natural undertones pop out.  (wear a hat or use an umbrella)
  3. Get a water softener.   Hard water puts unwanted chemicals in your hair and can strip the color right out.
  4. Don’t buy drug store quality toners, these are not quality product and can damage your hair.
  5. Buy a take home treatment from the salon, we only use quality products.  These treatments will help your color last longer and keep your hair healthier and shinier.
  6. Be patient.  Color take time, or you will end up with damage hair.

Note: Please discuss your goals with your stylist ahead of time to make sure everyone has the same expectations.  We understand the expense of color treatments and want our clients to be very happy with the end results.  Sometimes, expectations might need to be adjusted based on a client’s budget for treatments and ongoing toning.